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The Non-Negotiables Series (3 books)

You might think…Why do I need to edit my book? I paid attention in Freshman Comp. My voice is exceptional, and my dialogue is spot on. I crushed it with my plot and characters. Besides, isn’t that what copy editors are for?

None of that will matter if you head-hopped and violated every grammar, punctuation, and spelling rule in the book. Your manuscript will never get to a copy editor.

Authors only have a few pages to grab the attention of editors, agents, and more important—the reading public—your bread and butter. And editing isn’t only grammar, punctuation, and spelling. In this book, I divulge the secrets of self-editing I learned on my journey to being published along with my own dazzling mistakes.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, How to Edit Your Manuscript, The Non-Negotiables has targeted, uncomplicated steps that make self-editing a valuable experience. The guide also includes reference style sheets you will revisit time and time again.

So…Grab your copy now! Get started on those edits today!

​Have you written a terrific book but haven’t the foggiest how to get traditionally published?
Then, How to Get Published, The Non-Negotiables is the book for you!

This comprehensive guide will unlock the secrets of how to keep your manuscript out of the slush pile and get it into the right hands. It will help you navigate the roadmap of the often-confusing world of publishers, agents, and editors so your story does not end up in the circular file upon arrival.

How to Get Published will condense the process down to the “non-negotiables”— in simple terms and simple steps. Learn—in clear-cut detail—about:

The Query Letter
The Dreaded Synopsis
How and where to submit to an editor, agent, or publisher
What to expect after the signed contract
And tips on how to simplify your writing process

Go from aspiring writer to published author without the frustration of first-time submission!Don’t wait any longer. Pick up your copy today!

Who said the only way to fail as a writer is if you expect your book to sell itself?

So…you got your book published. Great. But that’s only the beginning. How do you get your book noticed? Need help putting together a killer marketing plan? What the heck is an email list, and why do I need one? As in all the Non-Negotiable books, How to Market Your Book for Profit will condense the business of promotion down to what you must do, and then what you can do. This book will demystify the all-important task of how to market your book.