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Greek Hard Candy Recipe

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Ingredients for Each Batch

3 ¾ C white sugar

1 ¼ C white Karo Sugar

1 C water

Using a large, heavy saucepan, bring ingredients to a boil until mixture registers 300 degrees using a candy thermometer. Candy will boil up, so make sure the saucepan is big enough.

Remove from heat and add 1 teaspoon essential oil and enough paste food coloring to match the  corresponding oil from following list:

Essential oil                Color

cloves                         leave colorless

anise                           black

sassafras                    brown

spearmint                    light green

wintergreen                 dark green

cinnamon                    red

orange                         orange

peppermint                  blue

Pour each batch of the hot mixture onto a bed of powdered sugar on a cookie sheet and let cool for a few moments.

When the candy puddle is rubbery but still very warm, cut into ½” strips and throw each strip onto a tablecloth lightly covered with powdered sugar.

Each person, using their hands, can grab a strip and shape into a long tootsie roll.

Begin cutting into little pillows with scissors (turn the roll back and forth to get a nice shape). This goes very fast because if the candy cools too much, you will not be able to cut it into the cute little pillows. Hence, the need for a lot of family members to help make the candy. If that happens, you can let the mixture cool completely, and then crack it into pieces. Not as pretty, but just as sweet.)

Push candy to center of table into a pile and continue with the next color/flavor of candy.

Soon you will have a beautiful holiday mix to share with friends and family.Note: For a full batch, one of each color and scent, you will need 15# granulated sugar, 4# powered sugar, 3 large bottles (qt.) of Karo Syrup, 1 dram of each flavor, and paste food coloring.