Raphael Cavelli—archaeologist—wanderlust—heir to the Cavelli fortune–wonders why he isn’t in some watering hole in Peru drinking a lukewarm cerveza next to a bosomy blonde. Instead, he’s back in Chicago trying to stay one step ahead of the law for stealing the archaeological find of the century when he bumps, literally, into the reason he left seven years ago–the girl he traveled half way across the globe to forget. 

Hope Macklin—quasi-mother—sob sister for The Spectator daily—is asked to cover the high society wedding of...[Read More]...

Grace Hathaway is getting along just fine since her father's untimely death--until she is followed home one dismal night by a shadowy stranger. If she'd had another choice, she would never have approached the door of the country's most mysterious and wealthy man at four o'clock in the morning.

Jared Dunstan de Warre III may be as pretty as he is rich, but Grace has been down that road before.



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The Cavelli Angel Saga

Annalisa Russo Romance Novels

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Michael Vincente Cavelli would have been happy as a farmer; instead, he has a lot on his plate–being the only rational Cavelli male for starters, and then running the family’s successful dairy. If that isn’t enough, someone is out to cripple his business propelling him into lies and treachery weaving back a generation. So when a redheaded siren appears at his door the morning of his sister’s wedding, he wonders about the deity’s sense of humor.

As one of the few female doctors in Chicago in 1925, Faith Truitt has...[Read More]...

Private Investigator Meg Cavelli wonders why her traitorous family has trotted out the fatted calf for Seth Truitt, the boy who left her flat eight years ago. Now he’s back, sexier than she remembers, and needs her help. How can Meg accept Seth’s no-strings-attached deal in return for bringing a deranged predator to justice, when their steamy attraction to each other might very well get in the way?

Army Air Corps pilot Seth Truitt needs help to erase his dark-stained past, but soon realizes helping Meg Cavelli solve a dogged criminal case in return for salvaging his military career might be more dangerous than flying P-26 fighters for USAAC. But since Seth has no intention of letting Meg go again, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe from the twisted, unnatural threat they dubbed “the monster” as kids.

As the mystery unfolds, joining their minds and hearts might be the only way to stay alive.

Rags to Rubies

The stunning conclusion to the Cavelli Angel Saga 

An Angel Healed

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Jared grew up an orphan and has guarded his heart for a very long time. Willing to admit he finds Grace tempting, he still plans never to marry. How can he trust ...[Read More]...

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An Angel's Redemption

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