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All Hearts Come Home For Christmas

Fifth grade math teacher Jillian Magee takes her holiday, and all the folderol that goes with it, seriously. But this year, her well-thought-out Christmas plans aren't picture perfect. For starters, for the first time in, well...forever, there's no snow in Green Earth, Minnesota. Complication number two: after eight long years, her first and only love has returned home. Complication number three arrives in the form of a mind-bending, quirky Jacob Marley—of the female variety. So as Christmas Day draws near, Jillian finds herself careening toward a Yuletide disaster.

Mega heartthrob and lead keyboardist for a popular rock band Tristan Sol heads home, where he finds himself up to his elbows in tinsel and small-town holiday traditions—and everything else he left behind to follow his dreams, including the only girl he ever loved. But he has a secret, one he hopes Jillie can accept.

Is Jillian destined to have her heart broken again, or can she and Tristán overcome the past and keep each other warm this Christmas...with the help of a well-intentioned, celestial do-gooder?

Coming Fall 2017!