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A Girl's Best Friend

Retta stood on the cracked sidewalk in front of her new brick bungalow and scrutinized the exterior–definitely a step up from the room she shared with one of her kid sisters over Delaney's Grocery in the Heart of Italy neighborhood. Though, on the plus side there, her landlord had been a pushover and the rent was cheap. Mister Delaney and his wife had run the friendly neighborhood establishment for forty years and were the parents of ten children, of which Retta was the eldest. 

And because she was within spitting distance of thirty, she had finally decided to spend the kale she diligently saved to bits at a time until she had enough for a down payment and could move out. Not that she didn't love both her parents. They were the berries. Even the myriad members of her large family could be tolerated most of the time. But Retta had dreams, and it was time.